Capgemini’s continued investment into cloud services has put us at the forefront of the next wave of enterprise IT. Today, we are helping businesses harness the technological forces challenging all industries in order to thrive in an emerging, digitally transformed world. Several months ago, the Capgemini Consulting Cloud Innovation Practice began research into the future of what we call Business and Technology Innovation. That research unearthed two trends that we see as having a profound effect on how organizations will make use of technology in the world of tomorrow.

First, the rapidity of the consumerization of workplace IT is increasing and generating bottom-up demand for enterprise cloud solutions. Consumer cloud technologies are now so ubiquitous and advanced in people’s personal lives that employees expect the same innovative quality and ease of use with technology at work. It will be difficult for businesses to encourage organization-wide collaboration and efficiency should “business as usual” continue, especially considering how easily third-party applications are able to supplant box-based solutions. Moreover, companies will be challenged to attract the sort of talent that will make them competitive in an ever more global and connected marketplace.

Second, disruption and innovation caused by the adoption of digital technologies have propelled some companies to meteoric success while contributing to the demise of others, leading to a top-down demand for cloud. Even companies once viewed as innovative have failed to respond to disruptions in their markets, hanging on to legacy business models and outdated systems. Those companies that have embraced digital transformation and cloud possess several advantages that will help them navigate operational and market clamor. This top-level trend has put several once seemingly impregnable businesses into bankruptcy. In each case, the rise of and subsequent failure to adopt cloud technologies played a major role in sparking the organization in question’s downfall.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will continue to explore cloud computing as a mechanism for innovation, disruption, and business transformation. Capgemini Consulting’s latest thinking and thought leadership on cloud will be featured here on the blog, so feel free to share our posts and content with your networks. We also want to encourage conversation and dialogue on all cloud-related topics. Below, you can comment on this and other posts, and our team will be sure to check-in and respond. Thank you, and welcome to Cloud Innovation.