While attending DreamForce ‘13 in San Francisco, CA, the Cloud Innovation team caught up with Dr. Didier Bonnet, Capgemini Consulting Senior Vice President and Global Digital Transformation Practice Leader, on enterprise cloud technologies.

Dr. Didier Bonnet on Cloud

“Cloud is a fundamental part of digital capabilities,” Dr. Bonnet said. “It provides a flexibility that allows a move to new applications and new forms of agility that we didn’t have in IT before.” According to Dr. Bonnet, this foundational layer of digital capabilities helps actualize the three pillars of Digital Transformation: customer experience, operational process, and business model.

Dr. Bonnet argued that, even more so than social or mobile technologies, cloud possesses a robustness that lets it serve purposes outside the walls of IT. It can facilitate the integration of other parts of the business, such as supply chain or marketing, into a singular, holistic enterprise solution.

Capgemini is helping businesses realize Digital Transformation through cloud technologies and services, enabling organizations small and large to get the most out of their digital investments. To see Dr. Didier Bonnet’s comments in full and learn more about cloud and Digital Transformation, check out the video below.