My name is Adrian Penka and I lead Capgemini’s Global Center of Excellence for Procurement Transformation. I am very excited to announce that Capgemini is releasing a new blog that focuses specifically on the practice of Procurement.  I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the inaugural release of the Global Capgemini Blog on Sourcing & Procurement, or Procurement Transformation as we think of it. Capgemini has one of the largest global consulting practices in Procurement Transformation with around 500 employees directly tied to the practice globally, and another 2,000 or more practicing the trade.

At this moment there are only a few unique blogs on Procurement containing interesting knowledge and opinions, and not aimed at trying to sell you something. We feel our blog is going to provide an excellent communication channel to exhibit the expertise and opinions of Capgemini in this field, but more importantly we hope that you will find the blog as a source of information and inspiration on the topic of Procurement.

I believe you will find each blog post as diverse as the consultant that authored it and the country that he/she came from. As with all the initiatives we undertake, we would like to make a commitment to you (the reader) so you know what to expect from us. Our intent is to operate a high quality blog based on the following principles:

  1. Quality is more important that quantity – instead of aiming at multiple updates per day we strive for an average of one new high quality post per week;
  2. The added value is in originality – to distinguish ourselves in a world characterized by an overflow of information, we focus on originality. We either present new, thought-provoking insights, or if we end up discussing a less innovative topic, we will incorporate originality;
  3. It will truly be a global blog – one of the characteristics of Capgemini is that we are a global player. This is mirrored in the blog in different ways. Firstly, contributions come from colleagues around the world. Secondly, contributions may sometimes apply to a specific geographical area only (e.g. the peculiarities of public procurement in Japan or a transportation sourcing issue in Latin-America).
  4. Categorization is key – blog posts will be accessible over time. This will make the blog an impressive body of knowledge. To facilitate information identification we will define a clear set of categories, consistent with our point of view on procurement that will help readers navigate the content.
  5. We plan for reliability – The weekly update is not an aspiration but a given. We will plan for it to ensure useful content.

I hope in the coming weeks you will become as excited as we are for the start of a truely insightful blog on the topic of Procurement. Join us in reading, learning, and collaborating.