As part of Capgemini’s commitment to providing an holistic, all-encompassing view of digital components that make up an omni-channel or All Channel Experience, I was recently asked to draw upon my subject-matter expertise in cross-media editorial and content strategy to deliver a compelling presentation on Content Management.

And let me tell you, I was super happy. Not because I get to use my grey cells for a subject that is infinitely within my comfort zone – but because it dawned on me that I was really and truly working for an organisation which understood ALL components of the digital puzzle. 

In my title, I’ve likened Content Strategy to a piece of a puzzle. You all know this feeling: the painstaking building of a 1000-piece puzzle, assisted by your helpful six-year old, and finally, when you get to that triumphant Big Picture, something’s missing: Frustrating!

And yet, this is not an entirely unusual scenario in the case of content. A great deal of budget is spent on redesign of websites, on technology to support that utopian ideal of customer communication, engagement and commercial interaction. Senior leaders workshop and brainstorm over how to develop digital products, or how to join up their Marketing strategy with the key buying stages of their target customer. And when all the brainstorming is done, the strategy is developed and the website is designed and ready. Let’s get a copywriter in quickly. Copywriters and Content Managers all over the world know intimately the sensation of being introduced to a technology that was selected without their input and making do – or worse, being introduced to a concept and told to ‘just write something’. 

Well. Capgemini’s Digital Transformation leadership has made my Content Strategy day. Here’s why:

  • The recognition that Content is more than just web content text; that Web Content Management encompasses rich media and rights, and Digital Asset Management;
  • The understanding that publishing platforms and data capture systems form part of content management and tie in directly with Big Data and analytics, allowing us to analyse and understand what our customers are looking for, and how we can best provide the right kind of targeted information at the right place in the customer journey, personalised or otherwise;
  • The appreciation that Web Content Management is a part of, and not separate from, Enterprise Content Management, Document Management, archiving and collaboration all in different but tangible ways; and finally;
  • The understanding that managing content strategically has an impact on Cost, Compliance and Business Process.

The 1,000,000 piece puzzle that is Digital Transformation is complex.  And we know that this complexity, much like a puzzle, brings with it a big and simple picture. A customer experience that is as it should be. Nothing more. It doesn’t have to be. No bells and whistles. Just a beautiful image that meets our expectations as consumers. That’s all anyone ever wants. 

And Content Strategy is that final missing puzzle piece. Well Capgemini’s Digital Transformation team has found it. It was hiding under the lid this whole time.