One of my colleagues recently mentioned that the ‘the future is all about gamification. At first I joked about it, but now I see there is a point! It is widely forecast that one of the fastest growing digital trends in the business world over the next 2-3 years will be the use of ‘gamification’ to drive behavioural change. This is not just within organisations to drive productivity amongst employees but also commercially where gamification can be harnessed to drive purchasing habits and increase customer engagement.

Jo Wardle, a consulant at Capgemini, explains why Gamification really is the future of the digital world and how Capgemini plan to embrace this trend to add value to the clients through the right partnership

 According to Forrester, the gamification market is expected to be worth $2.5bn by 2015 , so for Capgemini, it is a case of getting on board now, getting the right people involved and understanding gamification so that we can continue to deliver value to our clients.

 I think gamification is about harnessing people’s inherent desire to compete against themselves and others and to be rewarded for doing so. It involves targeting those people who have various needs and desires and are engaged in a way that allows them to be rewarded either personally or in a group or team. We probably ‘gamify’ very simple aspects of our day to day lives already…from rewarding ourselves for completing a to-do list with a glass of wine or getting more Facebook friends than our other friends…gamification is literally, everywhere. It has been around for ages!

The more modern characterisation is that of a software or technology driven offer that is delivered through social media channels, not only to win new customers, but also to create incentives and ‘keep them coming back for more’

The target audience may be customers, employees or the general public, but first and foremost, they are people with needs and desires, and above all a competitive drive. If you engage those using social media, it is an environment that they are already familiar with, sharing and linking to each other with users competing for points, badges or to achieve the status of leader. Achievements are clearly visible in a shared environment, so even when users are not competing against each other, there is still an incentive to achieve.

 There are a number of key players in the field of gamification that Capgemini have evaluated recently and the best cultural fit for us is a company called Badgeville. They are a US based company of approximately 100 employees, founded in 2010. So far they have raised over $40 Million in venture capital, making them the fastest growing SaaS company to date. They have over 200 customers, many of which are also Capgemini customers. We are now working with Badgeville to offer a behavioural change consulting and transformation for our clients. This in short, will address the three main challenges that many businesses face; lack of adoption of existing technologies, poor business processes and retaining talent.

So how will this partnership work to deliver value? The application of gamification as a tool can use game mechanics and techniques to motivate positive behavior within our client organizations and their customers. It can also be a means of using challenges, tasks and positive feedback to lead customers or employees on a positive behavior path, resulting in better engaged and profitable customers as well as motivated and productive employees. Overall, this is a tool to promote engagement, motivation and positive behavioral change.

So there is a lot more ‘gamifying’ to come…