Each August, we bring together hundreds of our management consultants from around the world for a week at Les Fontaines – our castle (yes, you read that correctly) turned training facility in the French countryside north of Paris.  During “CC Week,” our consultants attend courses, share knowledge and network with their colleagues from other countries.  I had the opportunity to go last year and I have to say, it was one of the coolest things I’ve done in my career with CC – it really reinforced how truly global we really are.

This year, our group from CC NA included Kevin Lazan, a Managing Consultant in our Strategy & Transformation practice:

“Going to the chateau at Les Fotnaines and meeting Capgemini Consulting people from around the world is one of the truly unique experiences Capgemini offers. My course was Collaborative Coaching, which was about bringing out the strengths and talents of the people you work with. Networking with people from different offices and learning about the projects all of Capgemini’s global projects definitely opened my eyes about all of the interesting work we are doing, and the social events were a great time.”

Curious about Les Fontaines or other training and career development opportunities at CC? Check out our Consulting Week 2012 video on facebook , or reach out to me at @mjjwelch.