Every year, Capgemini works with more than 1550 CIO’s, CEO’s, IT Directors and Quality Assurance directors around the world to produce the world quality report. This year, one of the main themes in the report is the impact of testing for the customer experience. Here at the customer experience blog, we decided to take a closer look at what Quality means, and why it matters to the customer experience.

The digital transformation of organisations is having a massive impact on all areas of the enterprise, from the introduction of personal devices to rapid innovation of products and services – never before has quality assurance been so important to protect the reputation and credibility of an organisations brand. In addition, new business operating models, cloud infrastructure and mobile technology has come of age – with customers now demanding an even higher standard of service.

With this landscape in mind, we started to think about what impact this has on the customer experience – particularly if many organisation struggle to see the business value of quality testing. From the research we have found 4 key areas where customer experience is centre to the process:

1. Rapid innovation is key to improving customer experience

Being a ‘fast-follower’ will not get you the leadership position in a marketplace, and organisations are being challenged to innovate faster and faster. However, our research suggested that 65% of senior execs also believed quality testing was paramount to protecting the brand.

2. Test at the pace of change

As well as customers demanding rapid innovation, business units are also expecting the same. It departments must ensure that they are able to rapidly, and robustly test new innovations to ensure the organisation delivers at the pace of change

3. Mobile is a major focus

More and more customers are using mobiles to access key business services. Organisations need to recognise that Mobile quality and testing needs to be at the core of IT service delivery to ensure mobile apps meets the needs of the customer experience

4. Prepare to test, or prepare to fail

As more and more organisations focus their efforts on delighting the customer, they cannot afford to take their eye off the basics when it comes to delivering these services.

From our interviews, and the report, it is clear that quality is key to delivering on the customer experience promise. Customers and employees are demanding innovation at an even greater pace – but we must ensure that the quality and reputation of organisations are not impacted as a result. For more insight and detail of the report, you can download it from our microsite http://www.uk.capgemini.com/insights-and-resources/by-publication/world-quality-report-2012–2013/?ftcnt=10030

How are you setting your organisation up for rapid innovation with quality built in? Do you recognise these trends? Please leave comments and discuss