Gamification is the latest buzz word sweeping enterprise with interest from all areas including the marketing department, HR department and customer service department. With questions like ‘ How can we build a customer community that helps us spread positive brand messages?’, ‘How can I get more ideas from my workforce?’, or ‘How can I get my workforce to be more efficient, but not damage customer experience?’ With these types of questions, those who understand gamification will know that game mechanics can definitely help with all of these questions – but only in the short term. Longer term, organisations need to make use of more than just game mechanics – Reputation and Social mechanics are also important:

Game Mechanics, Reputation Mechanics and Social Mechanics combine to deliver effective behaviour change in enterprise

But it’s all very well telling me I need to use these mechanics, but how do I work out whether it will work for my enterprise? I have devised a set of questions I always walk my clients through to help them understand what gamification (and behaviour change) can do for their enterprise:

  1.  What are the high value behaviours you want in your enterprise?
  2. What are the business outcomes you want/need to achieve?
  3. Are your employees / customers the type that will be motivated by competition? Or are the motivated by other factors?
  4. What are the intrinsic rewards that you can use?
  5. Do we have the digital touch-points in place to measure and track these behaviours?

Working through these questions, will help you learn whether gamification is right for your enterprise. What is your experience? Have you implemented gamification in the enterprise? Have you had the outcome and results you expected? Did you notice an increase in customer satisfaction? Please share your comments below