What happens when top managers in customer service from various industries come together for a 2-day brainstorming session to discuss the future of Digital Customer Service? Capgemini Consulting brought together customer service directors from leading global organisations  and put them with digital experts to take a look in to the future.

5 years ago, who would have predicted the worldwide success of social platforms such as Facebook and Linked In and the immense volumes of information and data exchanged via digital channels like Twitter and YouTube.  These developments will undoubtedly continue to accelerate and significantly alter the world of customer service. But where will this journey take us? What will be the key drivers of change in the next ten years? And what will customers demand from our organisations?

Customer Service Senior executives from different  industries  discussed these questions in a  2-day Capgemini Consulting workshop . During the workshop six key trends were identified:

1. Engaging with the “new” customer

Customers will expect to be treated as  individuals and expect personalised customer service.

2. Managing the shift of control

Customers will increasingly gain influence over a company’s brand and market as they increasingly support each other in decision making and co-create new products

3. Moving to vendor relationship management

Customers are already becoming more knowledgeable about companies, and are consistently researching to decide when, how and by whom they are serviced. Are you ready for your customers to become your empowered partner?

4. Standing out from the crowd

Customers’ expectations are already shifting from ‘products’ to ‘services’. Going further forward, customers will expect composite solutions that fit their personalised solutions. Organisations will need to gain the customers’ trust and not become ‘one of the crowd’

5. Managing a mix of channels

The explosion of channels in the digital world means that organisations must now establish the right channel for every customer, at the right time, for the right purpose

6. Working in an uncertain environment

Social media and digital means that information travels around the world quickly and affects reputation instantly. Organisations will need to be able to respond quickly to unforeseen situations

Fromthe workshop it was clear that in 2020, good customer service will only be possible  if organisations addresses the new habits and digital preferences of customers. For more insight and detail about the future of customer service, the detail behind the trends, and a look at what these  mean for your organisation visit our dedicated eBook site http://www.capgemini-consulting.com/ebook/customerservice2020/

How are you setting your organisation up for customer service in 2020? Do you recognise these trends? Please leave comments and discuss