So you’ve signed up the local gym, committed to going on a diet and decided that 2012 is the year you are going to sign up to twitter and understand what all this talk of digital transformation is about.

But, before we completely forget about 2011, let’s take a moment to reflect on what was hot on the customer experience blog, and make a prediction for customer experience in 2012. Below is our top 5 blogs based on number of views and it makes for some great insights.

Fuelled by the launch of the apple app store, we took a look at the incredible rise of ‘the mobile application’ and considered the five types of mobile apps that could be used to engage the customer, asking four questions that would help shape your mobile app strategy going forward.

As Facebook continues to attract millions of users and races towards the 1 billionth user, we looked at who was already starting to experiment with social shopping on the facebook platform, and asked whether this would have a dramatic impact on the shopping experience

Viewed as a disruptive new technology at the start of 2011, 3D printing started challenging the consumption experience of manufactured products for the consumer. At the time of writing, 3D printing was mainly used for prototyping in the aerospace industry, but as manufacturing of the devices become cheaper – the opportunities for 3D printing exploded. I definitely think this is one to keep an eye on in 2012.

Following the much anticipated IPO of the daily deals website, we decided to look at whether this was a serious contender as a business model for the future or whether this was the beginning of something bigger in the ‘heavily discounted group buying’ business model in the digital world.

As we started 2011, we took a look ahead at what we believed would be the three big digital transformation trends; the professionalisation of digital media and how facebook and twitter would become ‘acceptable’ business tools, the importance of mobility and how mobile will be massive in 2011, and the need to apply the human touch with the customer through digital tools.


A few other posts that created a lot of discussion on our twitter page was personalisation vs. segmentation and whether it can go too far, gamification – another buzz word or a real game changer, and how digital transformation is changing the way we expect to be able to work, at work

For me, 2011 was just the beginning of what will become the era of digital transformation. As we move in to 2012, I believe customers will continue to demand and expect a customer experience that is uniquely relevant to them –  organisations will have to continue to evolve their operating models and be flexible in their approach to take advantage of these fast moving and disruptive changes.

What are your thoughts? Are you a customer who demands more from organisations? Are you an organisation unsure of how to deal with these digital disruptors? Do post your comments below