Here we are all tweeting and blogging about the things that we care about. Some people are even going to the trouble of creating You Tube videos and creating songs about their experiences, the United Airlines being the most famous example
But as organisations, what should we really do about this? At the most recent Customer Experience Forum that I run we discussed the different options that we face.

Do you listen? Understanding what is being said about your organisation has never been easier, since the jungle drums are now being played out for the world to see, but because it is so easy to make our thoughts public about your brand, does that make it less valid or more valid? To be honest, it has to be seen as another channel to listen to, along with compliments/complaints, customer satisfaction surveys, focus groups and letters to the chairman. The crucial pointer here is that you look and listen for trends and review these, just like any other feedback. The advantage of using social media to achieve this, is that they will talk about all the areas that are important to them, some of which you may not appreciate are key to their satisfaction and loyalty towards your organisation.
Do you respond? And how do you respond? The key to responding is that you don’t over react. It has to be a well measured response, if at all. Most of us have seen that social media seems to be self regulating, so rather than an organisation jumping in, then give time for the self regulating process to work – it frequently does.
We all accept that social media has a key place to play in Customer Experience and I am sure that the evolution will continue, but we need to remember that this isn’t the only voice of our customers.