Our Areas of Expertise

We have a unique set of Digital Strategy and Customer Experience offerings helping companies to succeed in the digital era. Within Digital Strategy, we can support organic growth through in-house innovation as well as non-organic growth through targeted investments. In the field of Customer Experience, we can support from customer insight generation to designing premium experiences.

Digital Strategy & Innovation

Through our Digital Strategy & Innovation services and capabilities, we can help you to:

  • Boost growth and innovation e.g. identification of new growth areas and business models, future scenario analysis, innovation portfolio screening and prioritization, open innovation/open source strategy, partner ecosystem strategy
  • Design go-to-market strategy e.g. positioning, product strategy/value argumentation, sales & marketing strategy
  • Create corporate and business unit strategy
  • Complete the transactions

Customer Experience

Through our Customer Experience services and capabilities, we can help you to:

  • Generate customer insights e.g. by segmentation, persona development and defining insight driven customer propositions
  • Design the future customer experiences e.g. through customer journeys, service design, omni-channel experience and contextual e-commerce
  • Increase the customer engagement e.g. through CRM, customer loyalty propositions, marketing automation and digital marketing
  • Build organizations that put the customer at the heart of the organization

Track Record and Value Delivery

As a market leader in Digital Strategy & Customer Experience, Capgemini Consulting has the strategic insight and transformational expertise to support the development and implementation of strategies in the digital age. We have strengthened our offering with Innovation, User Experience and Service Design capabilities from Fahrenheit 212 and Idean subsidiaries of Capgemini Group. In addition, our joint research program with MIT Center for Digital Business allows us to gain best practice perspectives on the state of digital transformation around the world.

Examples of our client assignments include:

  • Redesigned the customer service organization of a major retailer
  • Supported a global automotive manufacturer to create a new digital business model
  • Helped a Yellow Pages company to transform into an online leader
  • Refined the digital ecosystem for a major national government
  • Defined a smart home strategy for a major utility company
  • Created a channel for a leading retail bank to deliver an integrated customer experience
  • Defined and implemented an omni-channel strategy for a major telecom company
  • Designed, launched and rolled-out a fully integrated CRM concept across 26 markets for an automotive company
  • Defined a social marketing organization and capabilities for a consumer goods company
  • Conceptualized and developed a scalable digital commerce channel for a large car manufacturer