Our Areas of Expertise

In collaboration, we ensure our client are ready to thrive in the age of digital disruptions by focusing on three core transformation elements.

Governance & Performance Management

The digital revolution possesses operational challenges including legacy systems, new technologies and unstructured data, whereas opportunities can be found in efficiency, risk management and value creation. Digitization opens new possibilities in the area of insights.

The governance and performance management aspects are becoming more critical in the new digital age. Capgemini Consulting offers value creation to clients throughout the governance model and performance management lifecycles and the necessary strategic, operational, and organizational levers. Further, Capgemini Consulting also assists clients in transformations to digital operating and governance models, digital performance measurement and performance management analytics.

We support all aspects of the governance and performance management domain:

  • Corporate governance & planning is about optimization of corporate governance model (including e.g. policies and instructions and decision forums) and corporate planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Enterprise performance management includes value management & balanced scorecard, investment and portfolio management and strategic profitability management
  • Analytics & Robotics focuses on predictive forecasting and robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Digital Finance concentrates on optimization of finance processes and finance function by leveraging digital enablers and tools

Digital Operating Model Transformation

Designing an operating model and organizational structure is a multi-dimensional challenge. Capgemini Consulting’s digital operating model and organization design services help assess and transform our clients, making them able to rapidly respond to external developments and achieve strategic objectives.

  • Operating Model Design: Through a top-down approach, starting with your business vision and strategy, we will jointly investigate the changes needed to the operating model to reach the target. The result of this first strategic assessment and the design phase is a clear target picture(s) and a comprehensive plan for how to get there. The target picture sets the framework against which the detailed design is undertaken
  • Transformation Planning & Design: Efficient and effective transformation design secures a cohesive transformation journey through detailed design to benefits realization

Operational Transformation & Change

In the digital age flexibility to change is a core business capability. Collaboratively we ensure our clients organizations meets the challenging demands and the possibilities offered through innovative approaches and extensive experience within

  • Transformation Management: Ensures efficient transformations through proven methodologies within program and project management, PMO, Business case combined with innovative approaches to change management and culture change with our New Change Deal method
  • Organizational Effectiveness: Capgemini Consulting leverages well proven maturity assessments and benchmarks with extensive experience from a global network of experts and leading research to ensure that our clients organizational capabilities meet business goals and requirements
  • Digital Talent & Skills: We specialize in people and workforce analytics, competence management and assessment, digital learning and corporate universities, digital skill assessments as well as recruitment and employer branding

Track Record and Value Delivery

Our global network of experts combines innovative ideas and world leading research with extensive experience and proven methodologies. Our consultants have worked with leading companies from a wide range of industries across global markets. We are known for our thought leadership, intellectual curiosity, strive for innovation, transformation expertise and professional commitment.