Insurers are facing a moment of truth. Customer satisfaction levels have hit worryingly low levels. According to a survey conducted by Capgemini in 2014, less than a third of customers globally are satisfied with the services of their insurance providers. Traditional insurers also face competition from new entrants who are determined to meet customer expectations. Non-traditional competitors, such as ecommerce majors and technology startups, are leveraging their data-rich customer interactions to create and sell insurance products.

Surprisingly, insurers seem to have overlooked the impact of Big Data on improving customer experience as they often focus their Big Data efforts on detecting fraudulent claims and improving underwriting profitability. In fact, only 12% of insurers consider the enhancement of customer experience as a top Big Data priority. This is startling given the poor levels of customer satisfaction in the insurance industry. In this research, we examine how insurers can effectively leverage customer data to improve customer satisfaction.


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