Marketing Disruption 1/7: The Digital Transformation of Marketing

Interaction and data transparency raise speed of innovation and customer orientation of marketing teams if you organize processes, roles and IT in a connected way.

The Secret to Winning Customers’ Hearts with Artificial Intelligence: Add Human Intelligence

Consumers are increasingly aware and satisfied by AI-enabled experiences, but expect the human presence.

Understanding Digital Mastery Today

Why companies are struggling with their digital transformations

Digital Engineering: The new growth engine for discrete manufacturers

Digital technologies are reshaping the manufacturing landscape.

The Foundations of Corporate Innovation in the Digital Age

How Can Corporations Manage Innovation in the Digital Era? We summarize our findings through three questions that are key to innovation in a digital world.

Cybersecurity in Retail

The new source of competitive advantage for retailers

Automotive Smart Factories: Putting Auto Manufacturers in the Digital Industrial Revolution Driving Seat

Drawing on a survey of 320+ automotive manufacturers, our research reveals that smart factories could add up to $160 billion annually to the global auto industry in productivity gains by 2023 onwards.

Cars Online Trend Study, April 2018

Untapped value – rethinking customer service in the automotive industry

Unlocking the business value of IoT in operations

A guiding framework for realizing the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT)


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