Conversational Commerce: Why Consumers Are Embracing Voice Assistants in Their Lives

Conversational commerce is an unparalleled opportunity for brands to build highly valuable and valued personal relationships at a scale previously unimaginable with consumers and using this new-found intimacy to drive brand preference and affiliation.

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Press Release December 21, 2016

Varannan bankkund väljer banktjänster från fintechbolag

Hälften av världens bankkunder använder nu regelbundet minst en tjänst från ett fintechbolag. Samtidigt kämpar fintechbolag liksom traditionella aktörer inom bank och finans med ett relativt lågt förtroende globalt sett. Detta visar Capgemini & LinkedIns första upplaga av World FinTech Report, där man intervjuat både bankkunder och beslutsfattare på femton marknader.

Press Release November 2, 2016

Half of Banking Customers Globally Now Using FinTech Firms Finds World FinTech Report 2017

Innovation, collaboration key for traditional firms and FinTechs to meet rising customer expectations

News Alert July 12, 2016

Consumer goods firms unprepared for new data regulation, risking over $320 billion in fines

Research finds firms are placing increasing emphasis on customer insights while not putting appropriate safeguards in place, a strategy that is leaving customers’ personal data vulnerable.


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