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“The Vision Thing”: Developing a Transformative Digital Vision

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Capgemini and MIT Report Defines New Era of Collaborative Customer Exchanges

10 Signs Digital Customer Experience is at the Heart of Your Business

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Jarmo Kortelahti

Digital Customer Experience, IT Strategy and Transformation, Telecom

David Lindskog

Digital Customer Experience

Editor's Picks

Making the Agile Connection with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Priya Patra
Ours is a connected world. The tsunami of IoT devices has come to our homes, workplace, to industries, and to the projects we manage, to the products we create.

Latest Publications

Contract management—get lean for 2018!

Craig Conte
Look at commercial management with clear eyes and a simpler sense of reality.

Blockchain-based innovations are radically transforming the energy and utility industry

Xavier Chelladurai
With its decentralized Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Blockchain is set to convert the industry into a peer-to-peer network model where transactions happen in real time.

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