Client industries

Automotive & Manufacturing

The fundamental changes occurring in the market demand for rapid yet strategic actions from companies operating in the automotive and manufacturing industries. Digitalization of manufacturing, electrification of vehicles, autonomous mobility, connectivity and the development of sharing economy are some of the key drivers creating the need for strategic and operational transformation.

Consumer Products & Retail

Consumer products and retail companies operate in a competitive economic environment with lowering margins and international competition. At the same time technological innovations offer lucrative opportunities for new retail growth concepts. Actors in this field need to succeed in taking advantage of the ever-evolving digital landscape to build their brands, engage and serve consumers, collaborate with key stakeholders, and drive efficiencies in the value chain.

Financial Services

The financial services industry is changing through growth of new digital technologies, fast evolving customer behaviors, unsteady growth in mature economies, globalization of markets and regulatory pressure. In this challenging environment, the actors within financial services must rethink their business and operating models. Capgemini Consulting accompanies the leaders in the industry as they respond to these challenges.

Government / Travel & Transport- EN

In response to digitalization and the rapid evolution in society, governmental authorities have now the opportunity to interact with their customers in a much more personal and efficient manner. Simultaneously the development sets high expectations and requirements towards actors within the public sector, where organizations that once operated independently now must collaborate to improve their services.

Government / Travel & Transport- SE

Som följd av digitaliseringen och den snabba samhällsutvecklingen, finns det idag flera möjligheter för statliga myndigheter att möta sina kunder på ett mycket mer personligt och effektivt sätt anpassat utifrån kundernas specifika situation. Samtidigt ställer samhällsutvecklingen stora förväntningar och krav på offentlig sektor, bland annat behöver organisationer, som tidigare kunnat drivas självständigt, nu samarbeta för att förbättra gemensamma tjänster till medborgare, företagskunder och andra samhällsorgan.

Telecom, Media & Entertainment

Actors in the Telecom and Media industry are facing a rapidly changing industry environment. Digitalization is impacting both how and where customer engagements are taking place and how products and services are delivered. New business models and players are emerging, product innovations, as well as decreasing margins calling for more efficient operations. New exciting collaborations are being formed. Customer behavior is changing rapidly, with an increasing demand for customer service.


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