Accelerating Digital Transformation

With extensive experience in understanding the digital economy, Capgemini Consulting is strategically placed to help clients deliver better products, services and business processes through digitization.

Examples of our client assignments include:

  • Helping a yellow pages company transform into an online leader
  • Refining the digital ecosystem for a major national government
  • Developing a digital strategy for a major music company
  • Defining a smart home strategy for a major utility company
  • Establishing the digital marketing organization for a global mobile handset manufacturer
  • Designing a new operating model of a global distribution company
  • Creating a multi-channel solution for a leading retail bank to deliver an integrated customer experience – multi-channel

Navigate digital transformation

Drawing on our research with the MIT Center for Digital Business, and our experience working with clients around the world, we have developed a framework to help organizations navigate through their digital transformation:



Digital Transformation Review

The Digital Strategy Imperative : Steady Long-Term Vision, Nimble Execution


Digital Transformation Review

The New Innovation Paradigm for the Digital Age: Faster, Cheaper and Open

Digital Transformation Review n° 7

Digital Transformation Review

Strategies for the Age Of Digital Disruption


Digital Transformation Review

Crafting a Compelling Digital Customer Experience


Digital Transformation Review

Gearing Up for Digital Operations.

Digital Transformation Review

Digital Transformation: making it happen.

Digital Transformation Review

Digital Transformation: making it happen

Digital Transformation Review

The digital economy is triggering a new wave of transformation for organizations and their leaders

Digital Transformation Review

The challenges of the digital revolution

The Innovation Game: Why and How Businesses are Investing in Innovation Centers

Walmart: Where Digital Meets Physical

Fixing the Insurance Industry: How Big Data can Transform Customer Satisfaction

Stewarding Data: Why Financial Services Firms Need a Chief Data Officer

Big Data BlackOut: Are Utilities Powering Up Their Data Analytics?

Going Digital: General Electric and its Digital Transformation

Fixing the Cracks: Reinventing Loyalty Programs for the Digital Age

Ctrl-alt-del: Rebooting the Business Model for the Digital Age

When Digital Disruption Strikes: How Can Incumbents Respond?

Securing the Internet of Things Opportunity: Putting Cybersecurity at the Heart of the IoT

Tesla Motors: A Silicon Valley Version of the Automotive Business Model

Cracking the Data Conundrum: How Successful Companies Make Big Data Operational

Rewired: Crafting a Compelling Customer Experience

Your Digital Journey Is Being Mapped by Your Customers

MIT-Slogan Management Review.

Embracing Digital Technology: A New Strategic Imperative

MIT-Slogan Management Review.Research Report.

The Digital Advantage

How digital leaders outperform their peers in every industry.

Backing up the Digital Front: Digitizing the Banking Back Office

Backing up the Digital Front: Digitizing the Banking Back Office

Using Digital Tools to Unlock HR’s True Potential

Unleashing Digital in HR.

The Digital Talent Gap: Developing Skills for Today’s Digital Organizations

The war for talent has gone for Digital.