Successfully shifting to a digital world means that CIOS must support the organisation with its new business challenges, by adjusting to the environment  and drastically reshaping positioning. Industrializing IT operations is  a key part  of this, as IT departments continually have to propose services with greater reliability, more flexibility, and ever-growing quality standards while also improving cost efficiency. This industrialization effort enables cost savings that can be reinvested in Digital Transformation initiatives.
Capgemini Consulting has leading expertise in successful industrialization of IT organisations, including:
  • Shaping of new IT governance  and organisational models
  • Cost-improvement
  • Improving operational performance: Lean IT, Six Sigma
  • Setting up financial transparency and improved performance
  • IT sourcing strategies
We help CIOs become Chief Digitals Officers; using digital innovation and new technologies to their best potential. Our expertise ranges from shaping new customer experiences through predictive- and big data analytics to addressing digital challenges such as BYOD and cloud computing.
To support CIOs in their industrialization and Digital Transformation we offer a global network of more than 300 experts. Over the years we have developed solid expertise in the industrialization of IT operations, and our consultant s provide innovative technological thinking combined with our culture of strategic ambition and operational excellence. We are the partner of choice to guide CIOs through the design and  implementation of their most ambitious projects.

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