Empowering Consultants, Empowering You

Capgemini Consulting’s communication infrastructure empowers our consultants and enables valuable connections among people and information. Our culture emphasizes innovation. We leverage virtual conferencing applications and services to improve the experience of remote meetings and reduce our carbon footprint.

Working together

Through community networking and innovative enterprise search engines, our teams stay connected in real-time. We have the ability to manage projects and access our global experts as well as our clients.
Connect is our Enterprise Social Network which offers clients and partners the opportunity to connect with our global network in real-time. We offer our consultants the ability to manage projects and access our global experts as well as their clients. Through these platforms we visualize proposals, organize community events and coach team members in client engagement.

Digital Technology to Manage Complex Challenges

Capgemini Consulting encourages teams to co-design each solution with clients.
Advanced presentation methods, simulation and co-creation tools allow our clients to better shape and understand future solutions. This is especially important in complex business environments where multiple stakeholders are involved.

Integration For Rapid Delivery

These advanced methods combined with virtual conferencing improve the experience of remote meetings to approach concepts and solutions. By leveraging these interactive platforms, we co-visualize scenarios with our clients, decrease lead times and reduce travel costs. Capgemini Consulting promotes a new way of delivering projects.
We introduce digital capture and online interaction with clients during the lifecycle of individual projects. This approach assures the ability to transfer knowledge that will become embedded in your organization before the project is complete.