At Capgemini Consulting we see that success depends on a clear strategic direction,  an articulated perception of which strengths to focus on to build competitive advantages and a clear idea of how to respond when faced with a strategic dilemma.We  support clients with  strategic development on all organisational levels; from corporate strategy to business strategy  development within functional areas. When working with clients on corporate strategies we look at possibilities to create added value through effectively managing and governing business portfolios and realizing synergies between business units. Successful corporations have a clear strategic perspective on overall direction and how to create value through an active portfolio strategy. The ability to respond strategically to shifts in context and actively manage resource allocation according to this; will generate value, that over time,  is likely to contribute to outperforming competitors.

Any company operating in any market should have a clearly defined and communicated business strategy. The way we work on business strategy is directly related to competitive markets; to how and by what, one expects the industry to be shaped in a short and/or long term perspective. Some key questions are: To what extent is the competitive arena  a given? What is the relative competitive position and what can be done to improve it? The strategy serves a key purpose by itself;  representing direction and choice. It should also represent unity across organisational levels, give daily priority to  decision making and organisational ownership. Our priority is developing realisable strategies, that are embedded in management and the organisation.

We have a strong legacy of developing realizable strategies, not only focusing on strategy design, but also on what is required by management and the organisation to execute the desired direction and ambition. By combining insight and skills in strategy development with our collaborative approach, Capgemini Consulting transfer strategy from paper to actions; and accelerate the realization of results.

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