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The speed of change is throwing traditional business methods into question and disrupting the relevance of entire industries.

Advanced planning and scheduling

Business planning tools often lack the capacity to handle multiple and conflicting key performance indicators. Our Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) tools ensure you have the right resources, in the right quantity, at the right time.

Agile Information Management

Develop agile business information applications: Agile Information Management (AIM) leverages our industrialization capabilities, agile mindsets and information management know-how to deliver early business value with improved quality.

Automation Drive

Organizations need to navigate change by utilizing machine capabilities to orchestrate more competitive ways of working.
Automation Drive combines machine power with your business vision to deliver new ways of working, drive innovation and increase business value. Machine Powered, Business Reimagined.

Business Analysis Group

A unique program for the newly qualified.

Business Transformation

The need to deliver better services or products, contain costs or pro-actively respond to changing business circumstances all create increased pressure to transform the way  an organisation is either set-up or conducts its business. organisations too often rely on incremental improvements which do not provide the transformation required to ignite sustainable business change.

Corporate and Business Strategy

Market places and operational contexts are constantly changing, with intensifying pace of change in recent years. In an increasingly dynamic and volatile environment the need for sound strategies is evident. Industry logic and competitive platforms radically shift and traditional business models quickly become obsolete.  A clear strategy is critical to succeed in today’s economy, sustain growth and maintain a competitive edge.   

Data Migration

Migrating information from one place to another does not, in itself, create business value. Capgemini’s Data Migration solutions ensure that you effectively use the opportunity to migrate, improving the quality of your data

Data Quality

Poorly organized and antiquated data is often responsible for bad decisions, lost opportunities and increased costs. Capgemini’s Data Quality strategy improves your data and processes, providing you with a reliable information landscape

Data Warehousing

Large companies often operate isolated enterprise data systems making it difficult to share and aggregate key performance indicators (KPIs). Capgemini can help build a federated data warehouse that is a logical, cost-effective solution

Digital delivery

Collaboration is part of the DNA of Capgemini Consulting (the Collaborative Business Experience). We leverage the latest innovations and technologies to collaborate more effectively. We encourage our consultants to adopt and deploy digital technologies, delivering solutions that drive innovative business outcomes.

Information Governance

The world of Analytics, Big Data and Data Science requires consistent and credible data standards, business term definitions, master data policies, processes and hierarchies. Capgemini provides pragmatic, cross-functional Information Governance services that help organizations overcome obstacles towards achieving measureable business benefits.

Insights & Data

Digital is evolving to connect everyone and everything, to digitize transactions and interactions, to become more contextual, more predictive, more cognitive. That puts Insights & Data at the heart of Digital.


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