As financial services are on the front line of these changes, the industry players must rethink their business and operating model to strengthen the interaction with markets and customers. Capgemini Consulting accompanies the leader in the industry as they respond to today’s challenges.

Finance Services with Capgemini Consulting

Through our longstanding client relationships and strong convictions about intelligent business practices, Capgemini Consulting has developed an expertise that is renowned in the Financial Services industry. We work with local and international “champions” of the Financial Services industry, accompanying them in the conception and realization of their transformational strategies. We work collaboratively with our clients to align our expertise and deep comprehension of the markets with their needs. With this operational model we help our clients carry out efficient transformations towards a successful future.

Our Expertise in Financial Services Consulting

Our experience, know-how, competencies, and strong understanding of the markets enable us to provide the following skills:

  • Expansion into new markets
  • Stimulation of growth
  • Transformation of multi-channel customer relationships
  • Regulatory changes
  • Diversification of offers
  • Operational effectiveness of the back office
  • Performance of support functions (finance, HR, IT)
  • Payments
  • Claims management

For more information, please contact

Gunnar Deinboll, Senior Vice President,, +47 992 44 649