Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Capgemini Consulting accompanies major actors in financial services as they respond to today’s challenges. Through longstanding client relationships and strong convictions about intelligent business practices, the Norwegian Financial Services team has developed expertise that is renowned in the financial services industry, especially within Banking, Insurance and Payments.

We see four key trends which will shape the future of the financial industry in Norway; new regulations, technology development, customer behaviour and an increasingly competitive landscape.  Our Financial Services team offers solid industry know-how and comprehensive understanding of  financial markets to help our clients carry out efficient strategies and changes to transform their business and remain competitive in a challenging and dynamic environment.

Track Record and Value Delivery

Capgemini Consulting works with key players  within the financial services industry ,locally and internationally , in the conception and realisation of their transformational strategies. We work collaboratively with our clients to align our expertise with their needs and ensure high quality results, successful solutions and delivery that realize their full potential.

For more information, please contact

Gunnar Deinboll, Senior Vice President, gunnar.deinboll@capgemini.com, +47 992 44 649


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