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The automotive industry as we know it today will change due to disruptions from start-ups, innovations from other industries and changing customer demands. Customers want to be connected via seamless digital channels with the manufacturer, service providers and their own vehicle. Therefore automotive incumbents should transform their product oriented strategy to a customer and service oriented strategy.

Banking & Insurance

A number of factors are constantly changing the business landscape. The global financial crisis, unsteady growth in mature markets, the globalization of companies, rapid growth of new technologies and the complexity of information systems, are just some examples. As financial services are on the front line of these changes, the industry must rethink and strengthen the ways it interacts with markets and customers.

Financial Services

A number of factors are permanently changing the Financial Services industry. These most notably include growth of new digital technologies, fast evolving customer behaviors, unsteady growth in mature economies, globalization of markets and regulatory pressure.

Manufacturing, Oil & Gas

Sustainable and profitable growth is at the forefront. Companies are forced to ensure growth in earnings while maintaining strict cost management with flexible scalability, as well as continuously increasing operational efficiency. Based on deep industry expertise combined with profound strategy and transformation capabilities, Capgemini Consulting can help you overcome the challenges of the volatile global marketplace and complex supply networks to achieve sustainable performance on a profitable growth.

Public Sector

In response to rapid evolution in society and technology, public sector organisations are undergoing unprecedented transformation. Digital by default, the expectation that public services and interaction shall be done through digital channels and tools, is raising the bar for public sector. This means that organisations that once operated independently now must collaborate to improve services to citizens, business customers and other agencies, while incorporating budget reforms that most often present significant cost reduction. There is an increased focus on waste reduction, making processes more efficient and increasing the use of digital technology, both externally and internally.

Telecom, Media & Entertainment

Consumer behavior continues to change and with it increasing sets of challenges for TME players. With digital disruption everywhere it is vital that TME companies reinvent their business model, simplify operations and provide new services that enable them to address consumer expectations seamlessly across all channels.

Travel & Transport

There are a number of challenges facing the Travel & Transport (T&T) industry in Norway. Among them are restructuring of infrastructure, increasing demands for a more environmentally sustainable industry, increased centralization of citizens and pressures on transport infrastructure, increased speed of road and railway construction, escalation of operation and maintenance, and more global competition and collaboration. In other words, is the interconnection of everyone with everything shaping the Travel & Transportation industry under the heading Hyperconnectivity.


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