Client industries


The automotive industry as we know it today will change due to disruptions from start-ups, innovations and changing customer demands.

Consumer Products & Retail

The Consumer Products and Retail sectors are undergoing one of the most profound paradigm shifts since the beginning of modern commerce. The digitalization of everything, from interaction to shopping, products and channels, has meant unrivalled opportunities and threats to the world’s Retailers and Consumer Product companies.

Financial Services

A number of factors are permanently changing the Financial Services industry. These most notably include growth of new digital technologies, fast evolving customer behaviors, unsteady growth in mature economies, globalization of markets and regulatory pressure.

Life Sciences

The life sciences and consumer health sector is undergoing dramatic changes, impacted by increased regulatory scrutiny, patent expiration’s, patient empowerment, and stringent cost containment. While the industry continues to lower costs and consolidate, it is seeking new growth opportunities through innovation, diversification and expansion in emerging markets.

Manufacturing, Oil & Gas

Sustainable and profitable growth is at the forefront. Companies are forced to ensure growth in earnings while maintaining strict cost management with flexible scalability, as well as continuously increasing operational efficiency. Based on deep industry expertise combined with profound strategy and transformation capabilities, Capgemini Consulting can help you overcome the challenges of the volatile global marketplace and complex supply networks to achieve sustainable performance on a profitable growth.

Public Sector

The public sector is undergoing unprecedented transformation, driven by the combination of fiscal constraints and public demand for excellent services. Organizations that once operated independently must collaborate to improve services for citizens and business customers while unleashing public sector productivity. Capgemini Consulting works in partnership with public sector organizations to deliver citizen-centric services while increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Telecom, Media & Entertainment

Consumer behaviour continues to change and with it increasing sets of challenges for TME players. With digital disruption everywhere it is vital that TME companies reinvent their business model, simplify operations and provide new services that enable them to address consumer expectations seamlessly across all channels.


Technology and consumers are behind a massive disruption that has started to hit the Utility Industry. Essentially the industry is about to be disrupted by solar, wind, batteries and high tech. The utility company of tomorrow will be a new kind of energy company – a producer, gatherer and exchanger of the information, products and services that can significantly impact the lives of consumers. Capgemini Consulting can help your enterprise transform from a traditional utility company into an energy services company, ready to embrace the potential of your industry and deliver the results your customers expect.


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