Our Areas of Expertise

We help organisations by applying our own innovation techniques and environments, supported by client-site innovation capability, to assist with disruptive transformation. We help you:

  • Create investment strategies to build a balanced portfolio of start-ups, programmes and digital projects
  • Pioneer the transformation to new IT, delivering systems and services that are flexible, multi-platform and multi-device
  • Optimise the IT organisation and design operational processes
  • Define new business and supplier partnerships

Why Capgemini?

We have in-depth expertise of the industrialisation of IT operations: globalisation and off shoring strategies; exploitation of cloud computing; transformation of operational management; and lean IT. We help our clients reshape strategic and financial governance of IT as we move into a new world of distributed accountability. Our global network of more than 300 experts provides innovative technological thinking combined with strategic ambition and operational excellence, using real world insights to orchestrate end-to-end solutions from concept to operation.