Digital Transformation Review 9: The digital strategy imperative




Our Research

The Digital Transformation Institute produces numerous publications throughout the year. We focus on the latest digital trends, innovation, disruption and businesses who have mastered their digital transformation.


What We Think

Digital is taking the world by storm and transforming everything in its path. Those who transform, reap the benefits[i]. Those that don’t, join the list of also-rans.

The digital journey is about treading uncharted and unfamiliar territory. It is riddled with questions and challenges. Are my employees up to it? As a leader, what role do I have in it? Do I have sufficient time before launching a digital transformation? How can I scale digital initiatives across geographies? What kind of governance model should we consider? Do my employees have the right digital skills? If not, how should I create an environment conducive for effective training? How can I drive employee engagement in an age of declining loyalties? Is digital likely to disrupt my industry? Will overhauling customer experience, operational processes and most importantly business model be worth all the effort?

What We Do

At the Digital Transformation Institute (DTI) these are some of the questions we try to tackle on a continual basis. We believe digital technologies are creating a transformative change in traditional ways of business. We look at key areas impacted by digital, such as strategy, marketing, supply chain management, people, finance and IT, and we do this across sectors.

We like to explore, and prove, thinking at the edges. Is BYOD really about cost advantages? Is there a future for physical bank branches? How can governments spur economic growth through open data? Can you use games to better engage your employees? These are questions that we have been raising in our recent papers. We use our curiosity and passion about all things digital, combined with intensive research, to answer these questions. We are passionate about strategy and technology innovation and are convinced of the immense possibilities it has in improving how businesses function.

We produce thought-provoking whitepapers on a wide range of topics. We do this both independently and in partnership with leading academic institutes and organizations across the world. We also produce the Digital Transformation Review, a bi-annual print and online journal. The Review is Capgemini Consulting’s flagship publication focused on helping business leaders understand the managerial and change challenge that they are facing in their digital transition. Each issue features interviews with digital leaders from a range of sectors.
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