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Sara Siddiqi

Senior Consultant

Jackie LaRocca

Senior Consultant

Ollie Sebley

Senior Consultant

Graduates – CDC (Consultant Development Community)

Experience accelerated learning and greater responsibility in our industry renowned graduate scheme. Learn techniques that will set you up for the future and build on the skills and traits you naturally have. Be part of a team where everyone is an individual.

Experienced Professionals

Tackle leading-edge projects that focus on what really matters to our clients. Collaborate with people who have strong intellects, focused ideas and clear opinions. Experience freedom in how you develop as a consultant. All in a culture that values what’s made you who you are.

Our roles at a glance

Below, you can explore a list of the opportunities currently available.

Working at Capgemini

Our culture

Our culture is made by the people who work here – not the other way round. We believe in the value of individuality and we are nothing if not diverse.

Our people

Individuality matters to us, deeply. We’re in the business of offering our clients a different perspective, so we make a point of seeking out people from a multitude of backgrounds and experiences. Bring your own personality and ambitions with you – it’s what we’ll be expecting.
That’s not to say there’s no common ground. In every team you will find passionate opinions, fierce intellects and open minds. Read a few of the profiles below and you’ll see what we mean.

Our work

Have an impact on projects that are right at the top of your clients’ agenda. Develop a reputation for unravelling complex challenges. Deliver work that can transform organisations – sometimes in areas that are completely uncharted.

Career pathway

You’re free to make your role and your career what you want it to be. Proactivity and ambition flourish at Capgemini. There are countless opportunities available to propel your development forward: seek those out that suit you, and we will back you all the way.

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