Advanced planning and scheduling

Business planning tools often lack the capacity to handle multiple and conflicting key performance indicators. Our Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) tools ensure you have the right resources, in the right quantity, at the right time.

Agile Information Management

Develop agile business information applications: Agile Information Management (AIM) leverages our industrialization capabilities, agile mindsets and information management know-how to deliver early business value with improved quality.

Asset and Operations

The Utilities market never stands still. To stay competitive, you must squeeze every return from your assets. And aim for the pinnacle of operational achievement. We’ll go above and beyond to help you do that. Using advanced techniques and next-gen technologies, we’ll help you consistently outperform regulatory and shareholder expectations.

Automation Drive

Organizations need to navigate change by utilizing machine capabilities to orchestrate more competitive ways of working.
Automation Drive combines machine power with your business vision to deliver new ways of working, drive innovation and increase business value. Machine Powered, Business Reimagined.

Business and Technology Innovation

Business leaders face two challenges in reshaping their organisations: accelerate top line revenue growth through service and technology innovation; industrialise their activities to meet new performance and quality requirements — whilst also funding the transformation. We support them in meeting these goals, whilst simplifying the IT landscape and reducing cost and risk.

Business Model Transformation

Why do organisations need to change? How do you maintain competitive advantage, comply with new rules and regulations and keep your customers engaged? Whether it’s helping to define a new strategic direction, creating and implementing a new operating model or providing direction and leadership in complex projects and programmes – we’ll navigate you through change.

Create Compelling Store Experiences

Changing consumer behaviour means the use of mobile and online channels has exploded, demanding that retailers consider the future role of their stores. Understanding how to deliver the right digital experience while driving sales, profitability and a positive in-store experience is a challenge we are helping retail clients to meet.

Creating a Consumer Insights Led Business

Consumer behaviour is changing and this means that FMCG firms need to be nimble and responsive to market change. While most are well-versed in the use of traditional data sources and surveys, the vast amount of data available requires a new approach to analytics to provide a deep understanding at an individual and aggregate level, using the insights gained to impact real-time decision making.

Customer Experience and Analytics

Competitive advantage comes from delivering innovative customer experiences that requires deep insight and the capabilities to analyse and act rapidly upon the value that insight brings. We can help you find and use the ‘voice of the customer’, lead a new level of customer engagement, accelerate and enhance business outcomes and build customer focused organisations.

Customer Transformation

Price is no longer a differentiator. In today’s crowded Utilities market, where customer expectations are high and digital disruption plays an ever-larger role, it’s deep, meaningful customer relationships that are key. Relationships built on honesty, trust and hard work. Exactly what you can expect from us.


Our Cybersecurity experts help client protect their digital enterprise against cyber attacks and internal malicious behaviour. 

Transforming the front and back-end of one’s business to make the most of new ways of working is a strategic imperative and doing so securely with effective cyber defence is a powerful enabler. 

Data Migration

Migrating information from one place to another does not, in itself, create business value. Capgemini’s Data Migration solutions ensure that you effectively use the opportunity to migrate, improving the quality of your data


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