Capgemini Consulting is the consulting arm of the Capgemini Group. Our team of 3,600 consultants (around 500 of whom are based in the UK) focuses on the successful delivery of solutions to the challenges our clients face.

These challenges have changed dramatically in recent years, and our services have changed with them. We have invested heavily in developing an understanding of the risks and rewards associated with the digitisation of society and the economy, and in building the capability to address these risks and rewards. We are both the thought leaders and the execution leaders in digital transformation.

About Capgemini Consulting UK

Every business and government now has access to more data than ever before: our business analytics capability enables our clients to make sense, and make use, of this new resource. No organisation can afford to miss the opportunity to improve its performance and reduce its costs: our functional and performance specialists have digitised their own methods to deliver real benefits in real time.

Capgemini Consulting has always believed in delivering solutions that work. Our clients’ challenges have changed – our philosophy hasn’t.