Wellness Active Risk Management (WARM)

WARM enables a transition from traditional passive-risk management to customer-centric, active-risk management operations capable of supporting a new category of life and health insurance products.

Client Challenges Today

Providing Policies that Incentivize Health-Conscious Lifestyles

The financial-protection value of insurance policies no longer resonates with millennials, a growing segment of the life and health insurance market. The increasing popularity of wearable health-monitoring devices and healthier lifestyles—and the emergence of non-traditional competitors in the industry—challenge traditional insurers to offer customer-specific, risk-based policies that are a “win-win” for both parties.

How We Help

WARM: Supporting a Multi-dimensional Definition of Wellness

In addition to the basic measures of physical health, WARM is architected to support social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, and intellectual wellness factors, as the industry acquires more insights into their impact on insured risks. WARM supports “hand in glove” integration to your CRM and policy-administration systems, providing interfaces that allow existing systems to operate concurrently, as it processes the wellness-based administrative and analytic functions.

Why Capgemini?

A Leading, Global Provider of Life and Health Insurance Solutions

Capgemini caters to over 900 financial services clients globally, including over 70% of the world’s largest insurers. Our expertise in cloud-based applications implementation, integration, and management includes Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings. The WARM PaaS covers all the cloud-resident functionality that replaces traditional on-site capabilities, which range from IT infrastructure to business processing.

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