Distributed Smart Services

Get high-quality IT support whenever and wherever you need it: Distributed Smart Services deliver multiple levels of on-site IT support to meet every business need.

New Rules for a Changing World

Recent trends have changed the rules for on-site IT support. Workers and facilities are now scattered around the globe, making on-site support more expensive. Proliferating device types, operating systems and applications have also made it increasingly difficult for IT to address the variety of technical issues users encounter.

Outsourcing on-site support and digitizing service desks are solutions but few outsourcing partners can truly deliver the service quality that users demand. Companies need knowledgeable on-site support that increases business value while lowering costs.

On-Site Services from A to Z

Our Distributed Smart Services deliver comprehensive on-site IT support, including your choice of the following models of service delivery:

  • Campus-based, on-site support offered at virtually any campus location worldwide
  • Field service provided by technicians dispatched to specific locations, as needed
  • Hub-and-spoke support provided from a designated central “hub” location, and/or performed on site at designated “spoke” locations
  • Depot support offered at remote sites for system replacement/upgrades
  • Manned kiosks provided on site as “walk-up” support, especially useful during major rollouts


  • Personalized support
  • One point of contact
  • Predictable delivery
  • Better support metrics
  • Lower total support costs

Contact your local Capgemini representative today to learn more about how Distributed Smart Services can provide the on-site IT support you need.


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