Supporting Functions for Automotives

Collaborating with the World’s Leading Companies Capgem […]

Collaborating with the World’s Leading Companies

Capgemini has the skills and tools to help automotive companies gain a competitive advantage by deploying innovative technology.

Our portfolio of solutions includes:

Helping Auto Companies Compete

We work with technology leaders worldwide to build innovative, reliable solutions and strategies that emphasize speed, predictability, agility and risk reduction.

We help automotive manufacturing companies leverage these technologies to improve their business operations and processes, and collaborate with partners in real-time.

Over the years we have built strong alliances with more than 250 technology companies and have strategic partnerships with five of the world’s technology leaders:

These longstanding partnerships deliver unsurpassed IT expertise that enhances our strategy and implementation. As a result, our clients benefit from the capabilities of an integrated team that provides best-in-class solutions.


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