SAP Intellectual Property Management

Can you keep track of rights and obligations, while developing, licensing, and distributing content in multiple formats, across multiple channels, on multiple devices?

Capgemini is helping media and entertainment (M&E) companies keep up with the complexities of managing intellectual property in a digital world, where content and delivery are connected, where revenues is from traditional markets is are declining, and where old business models are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

Our end-to-end IPM solution covers IP creation and ownership, IP availability, relationships and contract management, royalty processing, and financial integration. It leverages collaborative methods for multi-platform creation and distribution and facilitating full protection of IP, while boosting exploitation and maximizing revenue.

With Capgemini and IPM, an M&E company can:

  • Increase sales to broadcasters and distributors
  • Create more compelling and targeted consumer offerings
  • Use relevant, timely consumer analytics to guide sales efforts and marketing spend
  • Facilitate current contract management, while exploiting new opportunities
  • Coordinate cross-platform selling between business units/geographies
  • Provide single source of record for IP Inventory, IP availability, Contract Management and financial processing

Better Return on Your IP Material and Marketing Investments

Capgemini has a commitment to the continuous evolution and adaptation of our IPM solutions for the marketplace. For example, Capgemini has collaborated with SAP on a new enhancement — SAP Business Objects Intellectual Property Rights Analytics (IPRA) – which greatly improves the visibility of rights availability and usage. Because IPRA “industrializes” best practices in visualizing IP data management, this solution can make a significant difference to your bottom line. Pulling on data from IPM as well as content already in your enterprise IP systems, IPRA makes readily available critical key performance indicators (KPIs) organized into fundamental dashboards, providing a comprehensive, cross-functional view of how well the business is exploiting IP assets for growth and profit.

Go to the Source for the Best Solution

  • We implemented IPM for one of the largest global M&E companies, a recognized leader in the production and distribution of theatrical, television, and home entertainment content.
  • Embedded in our IPM service offering is tools and accelerators representing the cumulative knowledge of more than 40 years serving major M&E companies around the world — some of the largest, most prestigious, and ground-breaking companies in the film, television, publishing, advertising, hospitality, and music industries.
  • Because we have a dedicated M&E practice — more than 5,000 professionals with deep strategic, operational, and technical expertise — we understand the relationship between IPM and the rest of the business. Perhaps that’s why the world largest M&E companies have asked Capgemini to design and build their digital distribution systems and financial reporting systems.
  • Our own global infrastructure gives us the reach and muscle to work 24/7 in collaborative, coordinated processes that increase quality, decrease costs, and minimize risks.
  • Combining our deep global industry experience and proven IT implementation success with our ready-to-run methodology for accelerated solution deployment, we can speed up your time-to-value and increase your return on investment, both immediate and long-term.

Successful Implementations

  • Having implemented SAP IPM on SAP HANA for large global M&E client, Capgemini is a pioneer in implementing IPM

With Capgemini on your team, you’re assured of a strategic solution that will enable you to effectively exploit IP globally, across multiple channels, and – in doing so – maximize revenue.


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