LifeSciencesPath accelerates the SAP journey

Preconfigured with validation artifacts for accelerated implementation, LifeSciencesPath enables life-sciences companies to streamline operations, providing greater visibility and control of core business processes.

Life-sciences companies are facing an increasingly complex business landscape, with new risks and opportunities and a need for better end-to-end digital solutions to take advantage of the prospects while managing the risks.

LifeSciencesPath is the best choice for companies that want to adopt industry-leading practices for standardization, simplification, and scalability of business operations. It helps companies embarking on a greenfield SAP journey as it can serve as the foundational system upon which the extended value chain can be built. It can also be used for companies with existing SAP implementations (brownfield) that are looking to expand their business-process footprint or to enhance existing processes by focusing on the latest leading industry and SAP practices.

It provides a vast collection of tools, templates, resources, and guides that have delivered acceleration in past implementations. Examples include:

  • A master list of pre-configured reference business-process solutions
  • Process documentation and flows
  • Tested example data and integration test scripts
  • Business-process procedures: transaction-level work instructions (training material)
  • GAMP-validation deliverables templates (e.g. master validation plan, user and functional-requirements specification, design specification, test script, and traceability matrix templates).


LifeSciencesPath is a ready-made solution that allows life-sciences companies to get a running start with SAP implementations. It empowers companies to focus design efforts on the 20 percent of business processes that drive 80 percent of the business value. Capgemini has a long history of successful collaboration with SAP and leading companies in the life-sciences industry, making us a partner of choice for our clients.