Justice and Public Safety

Capgemini offers solutions for strategic, operational and organizational change and IT project management to help governments face a rapidly evolving security landscape. We work with state, county, city and municipal police, courts and other public safety and justice organizations throughout the US.

Changes in Public Security Calls for New Strategies

In recent years, the scope of public security threats has changed significantly, calling for new strategies and increased collaboration between agencies and systems. To meet the challenge of delivering more services with smaller budgets, many state and local governments are investing in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Innovative and Efficient Solutions

Our Justice and Public Safety team supports a value-driven implementation, from planning through a full life-cycle deployment of ERP solutions including software upgrades and Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V). We particularly support these three markets: Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Management.

Our methodology includes approaches, tools, deliverables, lessons learned, and risk mitigation strategies developed for state and local implementations specifically. Because our dedicated staff understands the challenges and dynamics in government, we help develop strategies and programs that drive the use of ERP more effectively into and across an organization and broader across an enterprise. Our secret to delivering ROI: extending and maximizing the solution’s functionality and increasing user acceptance via innovative collaboration tools and technologies.

Property and Evidence Tracking

Leveraging commercial ERP experience to address unique public sector requirements for inventory management

Capgemini’s Property and Evidence Tracking System (PETS) provides an integrated system for maximum inventory control and warehouse automation. We have applied industry proven inventory and warehouse management concepts and principles from the commercial sector to the law enforcement sector. The PETS solution automates the capture-to-store property and evidence management process; and provides the tools needed by evidence and property clerks to manage and track assets for operational performance.

Capgemini supports a value-driven implementation, from planning through a full life-cycle deployment of ERP solutions including software upgrades and Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V).

Proven Track Record of Success

Our team combines experience, business process knowledge, and leading technologies to help organizations plan, design and implement innovative solutions. Our quality of expertise and experience have since been independently assessed and named a top tier Gartner Magic Quadrant systems integrator with success leading more than 7,500 ERP implementations across functional domains, technical domains, and industries.


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