Integrated Marketing Management

Take your marketing effectiveness to new heights using the power of the Cloud. Capgemini, Salesforce and Box can show you how with our Integrated Marketing Management solution.

Optimize Your Marketing Ecosystem with the Cloud

Enhancing marketing effectiveness is essential for any organization looking to optimize their spending while achieving optimal results over the short and long term. But many companies are confronted with disparate marketing processes that stall productivity, collaboration and effectiveness. Excessive time spent managing projects means longer time-to-market for products or services and higher risk of losing customers’ loyalty.

To succeed in an increasingly sophisticated market, organizations need to shift to a marketing model that’s:

  • Innovative
  • Customer-centric
  • Cloud-based

Maximize Your Marketing Effectiveness

Using Salesforce cloud apps, our Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) solution measures, analyzes and enhances performance across the full spectrum of your marketing operations. IMM seamlessly integrates the following management processes on the Cloud:

  • Campaign and events
  • Marketing and budgets
  • Knowledge and content
  • Compliance


  • Less cost and faster time-to-market
  • Improved campaign response rates and customer retention
  • Reduced cycle time for collateral, advertising and project management
  • Enhanced confidence in measuring marketing performance

An Integrated, End-to-End Approach

We are a global leader in enabling cloud-based transformation. Our integrated, end-to-end approach to marketing provides you with:

  • Strategic vision: we examine your needs to maximize your return on marketing investment
  • Solution design: we provide industrialized processes to develop and test all components
  • Deployment support: we foster a high rate of user adoption and continuous service improvements with our customer-focused service model

IMM is backed by a dedicated solution center with an extensive team of Salesforce and marketing experts.


To learn how IMM can take your marketing effectiveness to new heights, contact Fred Landis


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