ChemPath | A Holistic Approach to Accelerate Digital Transformation in the Chemical Industry

ChemPath provides the Chemicals industry a pre-configured and rapidly deployable SAP ‘All-in-One’ solution based on the latest S/4HANA technology platform. The solution is built on SAP’s Chemicals best practices, a pre-configured LIMS interface, pre-integrated with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and ready to integrate with a portfolio of third-party industry solutions and platforms

Capgemini’s ChemPath is a solution for organizations that want to align different operational plans with execution and review performance measures for continuous improvement by balancing capacity and resources.

Client Challenges Today

Chemicals companies are at an inflection point with their technology strategies. They face pressure to contribute to margin uplift, as well as the challenges of integrating back-office technology with manufacturing. Given the current opportunities in the rapidly-changing Chemicals market, successful companies can’t slow growth by tying up precious capital funds and can’t afford a long, drawn out implementation of an ERP system. Many Chemical companies are struggling to scale up to the current market expansion and unlock the true potential of the business, due to outdated and disjointed systems.

Solution and How We Work

ChemPath is our SAP-Certified Digital Core Solution for the Chemicals Industry, designed for streamlining your operations while gaining greater visibility and control over your core business processes. We work with your organization to deploy a fast, efficient and stable ChemPath solution, which incorporates leading practices developed from an extensive legacy of Capgemini-led SAP implementations.

The Benefits

Based on several successful installations over the past 10 years, ChemPath delivers a host of benefits for new implementations, such as:

  • SAP configuration and enhancements, pre-built specifically for your industry. Ability to conduct “Show and Tell” sessions with real business processes, screens and data
  • Accelerated implementation timeline, business blueprint process maps, training and technical documentation
  • Mobility, FIORI for Usability and Business Intelligence for ease of use
  • Robust iCaptivate methodology powered by Activate, bundled with SAP’s Solution Manager, to offer reliable, effective implementations.
  • Our ChemPath solution is flexible and can accommodate the needs of varying client situations with optional plug and play components
  • ChemPath can be leveraged as a reference model to accelerate the requirements and design project phases
  • ChemPath can be packaged as a comprehensive SAP solution, including SAP licenses and infrastructure licenses
  • Our Infrastructure and Application Maintenance services as an alternative to purchasing new equipment and training support resources

Why Capgemini?

Capgemini’s strategic offering consists of the following:

  • ChemPath Digital Corecomprising of core functional modules, 200+ best practice scenarios, innovation list, simplification list, Fiori user interface applications (800+) and SAP qualification
  • ChemPath Integrated Digital Platform(4-in-a-Box) comprising of ChemPath 1709, solution manager 7.2, LIMS and digital delivery framework design & build platform
  • Capgemini Strategic IP Packagecomprising of KM3.0, country specific localization tool kit, chemical industry specialty scenarios, MES integration capabilities, process KPI library and LIMS best practices