Explore the benefits of integrated manufacturing enabled by Capgemini’s MFGPath

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Explore the benefits of integrated manufacturing enable […]

Explore the benefits of integrated manufacturing enabled by Capgemini’s MFGPath

Our MFGPath is a solution for organizations that want to align different operational/production plans with execution and review performance measures for continuous improvement by balancing capacity.

Manufacturing clients are at an inflection point with their technology strategies. They face pressure to contribute to margin uplift, as well as the challenges of integration of back office technology with manufacturing and LEAN principles. Challenges include broad enterprise integration and foundational alignment with master data and enablement of real-time performance analytics for the business user.

Emerging themes in manufacturing:

  • Manufacturing will be a competitive differentiator and drive revenue growth
  • Increasingly dynamic consumers will drive the adoption of multiple business, manufacturing, and fulfillment models
  • Dynamic supply chains will be enabled by global demand and supply network visibility
  • In addition to labor rates, global sourcing decisions will be highly influenced by total supply chain costs and product security requirements
  • Those manufacturers that win the battle of having the right skills and resources in the right place will be best positioned for growth
  • Companies will leverage their analytic capability to transform the exponential availability of data into predictive business knowledge

Manufacturung Path

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