Data Masking with Capgemini Using Informatica

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Data masking is now an important requirement across all […]

Data masking is now an important requirement across all industries. It is acknowledged as an invaluable method for transforming production data to provide realistic data for non-production purposes such as development and testing, without any risk to security or privacy. It also enables support to be carried out safely in the production environment with users seeing only the data they need for their role – sensitive elements are invisible.Data protection legislation and tight regulation of industries such as financial services and healthcare have increased the pressure for effective data masking – particularly for organizations that want to carry out development or testing offshore. Yet many still tackle masking in an ad hoc manner that is not always reliable and involves substantial manual effort.

Capgemini offers a unique metadata framework that remedies this situation by enabling repeatable, consistent data masking at the enterprise level. Our accelerators can jumpstart a new engagement, reducing cost and effort by around 40%. We partner with Informatica to implement this framework using its leading data integration tools like PowerCenter, PowerExchange and ILM. We can deliver our solution in a number of ways, from a one-off “quick fix” or implementation for a single business unit to an enterprise-wide implementation of data masking as a managed service.

Data Masking with Capgemini...

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