Capgemini Digital Control Room Analytics—Introducing an end-to-end solution for real-time operations insight brochure

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Capgemini Digital Control Room Analytics is just one of […]

Capgemini Digital Control Room Analytics is just one of the foundational use-cases developed together with SAP as part of the joint strategic initiative called “Fast Digital 4 Discrete Industries by SAP and Capgemini”.

Digital Control Room Analytics is a solution framework combining multiple Leonardo applications including IoT integration capabilities from sensors on Smart Devices and Smart Machines with Analytics, Big Data and Machine Learning. This comprehensive solution is driven by cross-ERP Financial, Plant, Asset, Equipment, Quality, Supply chain & Human resource data. Capgemini Digital Control Room Analytics leverages Capgemini’s global expertise in consulting, ERP implementation, Leonardo, digital analytics, insights and data, cloud, and digital manufacturing with SAP S/4HANA® as the digital core It provides operations-focused real-time dashboards and analytics to enable automation at a shop floor level and translates insights into actions for your business.

Capgemini Digital Control...

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