Calypso® Model Based Testing Workbench

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A model based approach to automate test design and acce […]

A model based approach to automate test design and accelerate testing for Calypso

When implementing Calypso, financial firms must address the complexities of the trading functions while also focusing on the numerous counterparty configurations and integration options of the current trading system. Capgemini can help. Based on our experience in testing Calypso systems for global capital markets firms, we have created the Calypso Model Based Testing Workbench. The Workbench is a pre-built, proprietary solution that accelerates end-to-end testing for Calypso implementations. As the industry’s first complete testing solution for FX, Fixed Income and Interest Rate Derivatives asset classes, Calypso Model Based Testing Workbench is built to work with industry leading testing packages.


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