A Streamlined ERP Strategy, Everywhere

More and more, companies are realizing that they need increased flexibility and adaptability when it comes to their global ERP strategy. A core ERP solution based at a company’s global headquarters combined with an agile, cloud-based ERP solution can help organizations streamline their strategy across specialized business units, subsidiaries and countries.

The Next Generation of ERP Innovation

We work with you to build a roadmap that takes your ERP to the Cloud based on NetSuite, the leading cloud ERP application on the market. After integrating your existing back-office processes, we roll out the NetSuite solutions that are adapted to your exact needs and local office requirements.


  • Access to critical business information anytime, anywhere
  • Reduced costs and risks
  • Streamlined and accelerated implementation of ERP at the local level
  • Increased business agility and flexibility to grow your business
  • Faster time-to-market

Safely Journey to Cloud ERP

We bring the business acumen, industry expertise and strategic guidance to measure and maximize the benefits of NetSuite’s applications. We ensure your journey to the Cloud is not only smooth but also results-driven.

Our NetSuite offer integrates our other cloud solutions, including:

  • Capgemini Cloud Assessment: analyze your readiness for the Cloud with our six-week roadmap
  • BPO in the Cloud: outsource your back-office processes to drive business transformation
  • Capgemini Immediate: achieve security, control and accountability on the digital marketplace

PODCAST: What sets apart the NetSuite software solution?

Cindy Cronin in conversation with our NetSuite practice lead Matt Haller to discuss the comprehensive NetSuite solution and the various benefits that companies are deriving from this unique solution.