AETA Earthquake Prediction AI Algorithm Competition 2021

Capgemini in collaboration with Shenzhen Valley Ventures, Peking University and the Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN), has launched the second edition of the AETA Earthquake Prediction AI Algorithm Competition , part of a ten-year earthquake forecasting project, aimed at using the power of technology to address the challenges of those living near earthquake prone zones in China. This partnership illustrates Capgemini’s purpose of unleashing human energy through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future.

This year’s competition invites participants from universities across the world to develop innovative algorithms to solve the problems in earthquake prediction using real-time data. This competition will be held online.

Registration is now open!The registration time is from January 1 to March 31,  2021.


China is a country with frequent earthquakes and widely distributed fault zones. Earthquakes, especially large earthquakes, can cause incalculable damage to people’s lives and property once they occur in densely populated areas without people’s awareness.

It is very challenging and of great scientific value and social significance to carry out the research work of precursor observation, correlation analysis, precursor mechanism research and earthquake three-element prediction model around the solution of earthquake prediction and forecast problem.

The Earthquake Monitoring and Prediction Technology Research Center of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School has developed a broadband electromagnetic disturbance and geo-acoustic monitoring system, named multi-component earthquake monitoring and prediction system AETA.

AETA, short for Acoustic & Electromagnetism To AI, the system includes:

  • one acoustic sensor probe: to collect geo-acoustic data
  • one electromagnetic sensor probe: to collect electromagnetic disturbance data
  • one terminal device: connects to the two sensors by cable, for data process, temporary storage and uploading (via cable, wifi or 3/4G network)
  • data storage: currently using AliCloud


The competition schedule Time
Registration Jan. 1 2021 to Mar. 31 2021
Promotion and training Jan. 1 2021 to Mar. 31 2021
Competition period Apr. 4 2021 to Oct. 31 2021
Code and documentation Submission for Shortlisted teams Nov. 1 2021 to Nov. 14 2021
Defense and Review Nov. 15 2021 to Nov. 30 2021
Release competition results Dec. 1 2021 to Dec. 7 2021
The award ceremony Late Dec. 2021


Award Setting

The results of this competition will be confirmed and approved by the award committee and published on the official website. First prize, second prize, third prize and encouragement award are set in this competition, with a total bonus of 300,000 yuan.

  • First prize: 1 team, 100,000 yuan (pre-tax).
  • Second prize: 2 teams, 50,000 yuan (pre-tax).
  • Third prize: 5 teams, 20, 000 yuan (pre-tax).
  • Encouragement Award: 10 teams.
  • Participants Award: all teams that successfully complete this competition will be awarded as well.

The organizer will award trophies and certificates to all winning teams, and invite representative of all winning teams and partial participants award teams to the award ceremony for technical exchanges, and provide round-trip travel and accommodation expenses.


一月 1, 2021 9:00 上午
三月 31, 2021 11:00 下午