Project 21 – Delivering a Better Experience for Customers and Employees Alike

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Capgemini helps Vodafone to achieve greatly improved customer experience and operational excellence with potential savings in millions

“We’re probably going to deliver about £15 million worth of benefits, but more importantly, our customer and employee satisfaction scores have improved and that’s absolutely fantastic.”

Kyle Whitehill, Director of Enterprise Business Unit, Vodafone Limited

The Situation

The Enterprise Business Unit (EBU) at Vodafone UK is a leading provider of mobile telephony services to the Business Sector in the UK. The unit was formed in 2004 by merging the corporate, business and indirect businesses.

Operating in a highly competitive marketplace, EBU recognized the importance of delivering world class customer experience, and the central role that satisfied employees play in this respect.

To maintain its success, EBU understood that it could not afford to stick with the status quo or simply take disjointed actions that would only marginally improve customer satisfaction. The management team seized upon the challenge to eliminate, in one determined effort, both customer impacting and internal “points of pain”.

These points of pain had developed over time. As with many mobile operators, EBU’s fast growth had created processes and practices that were not optimal. Furthermore, EBU was faced with the task of standardizing processes across the Unit as a result of the internal merger.

The Solution

To this end, EBU launched Project 21, a major nine-month process improvement program. Aimed at fundamentally improving backoffice efficiency, while simultaneously creating consistent, high-quality customer-to-employee interactions, the approach was designed to remove variability from operations and to ensure a positive and consistent employee and customer experience.

As EBU’s core strategic initiative, the program received Senior Executive sponsorship and resources to match its priority status. Keen to own the project, the solution and its implementation, but recognizing the need for project and change management support, Vodafone partnered with Capgemini and a joint team was established. The remit for the team—to improve and standardize processes across EBU and embed a culture of continuous improvement.

The promise of a successful project was clear: improved employee and customer experience would lead to enhanced customer satisfaction, more customer facing selling opportunities, boosted customer retention and improved profit performance.

The Result

Vodafone is delighted with early results that have generated quantified financial benefits in the order of £15 million over three years. This alone is a tremendous return on their investment.

More importantly, however, Project 21 delivered increases in both EBU’s employee and customer satisfaction scores. This in turn is expected to translate into stronger, more profitable customer relationships.

Furthermore, the project instilled a culture of continuous process improvement, with quality of service a watchword going forward.

“I have worked with Capgemini before and they take a really collaborative approach, so I just knew from the start that we were going to work really well together”

Liz Kendall-Jones, Head of Enterprise Operations, Vodafone Limited


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