Vodafone Improves its Customer Management and Operations

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Capgemini Consulting executes an Analysis & Design project for Vodafone Netherlands, delivering improved customer service alongside considerable cost benefits.

“ The bottom line is that the program delivered more than planned and substantially delivered on Return on Investment. We therefore recommend the involvement of the Capgemini Consulting team in similar programs that have to deliver in a short period of time and that, considering the magnitude of the program, cannot be executed by regular staff. “  Peter Doveren,  Director Customer Management Vodafone NL

The Situation

Vodafone Netherlands, as with other Customer Care organizations, faces some typical challenges as a result of recent market developments. Customer experience and proper e-care facilities with broad functionality and high usability have become key factors for success, while at the same time operational efficiency has to be improved. Vodafone selected Capgemini Consulting to identify opportunities to maximize customer experience and improve operational efficiency and to create an action plan to ensure proper implementation.

The Solution

Using its Analysis & Design (A&D) methodology and change management tools, Capgemini Consulting undertook a 12 week project to analyze Vodafone’s customer care organization and to identify opportunities for improvement. All improvement opportunities were consecutively integrated in an overall business case. In parallel, the Fast Track ensured that all quick win projects were defined, accelerated and delivered before the end of the project. A number of deliverables were completed including:  

• methodology for best practice program governance

• first view on target service model and target operating models for Vodafone Customer service organization

• transformation map and business case for improvement opportunities

• change management plan for the next two years.

The Result

During the 12 weeks the project team delivered 27 initiatives improving customer experience and yielding considerable cost savings in parallel. On top of this a validated benefit case identified key future improvements for customer experience alongside millions of net cost savings until the end of financial year 2011-2012. Capgemini Consulting provided a clear roadmap with validated improvement opportunities for the next three fiscal years. Project charters for all opportunities were developed that will ease the implementation and planning for all future projects.