Global Telecommunications Company Adopts New Approach to Customer Satisfaction

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Capgemini implements Business Intelligence platform to ensure process and performance improvements, and realize sustainable cost reduction

The Situation

A leading global telecommunications company, continuously driving innovation in the communications and entertainment industry, was seeking a solution to gather and analyze critical information about its customer-facing activities. Operating in an intensely competitive industry, the company, focused on increasing its market share, knew that the best results would come by enhancing its customer relationships. The company wanted a solution that would help it gauge customer satisfaction levels, and determine if its help desk representatives were spending enough time with customers to resolve their problems effectively. Furthermore, the business also wanted to analyze data on weekly new connections and variations in customer attrition.

The Solution

Capgemini was engaged to develop and implement a Business Intelligence (BI) platform for the company that would empower its managers with advanced tracking tools. The solution would collect data from diverse systems, including billing, order entry, order management, inventory management, and call centers enabling business functions to readily create performance scorecards for carrying out important business operations. Equipped with a sophisticated reporting system, the BI platform would track activation rates, key performance indicators, subscriber counts, subscriber history, and fallout rates. In addition the platform would also support dial products and broadband functions.

The Result

The solution has enabled the company to improve activation rates and customer satisfaction, while reducing customer churn and order cancellations. Today, the company’s managers can monitor and review the performance of the help desk and call center agents, and have excellent visibility of customer and sales data. Empowered with accurate, up-to-date information they can make fast and accurate decisions to improve sales and customer satisfaction. The process and performance improvements implemented by Capgemini resulted in the telecommunications company recording an impressive return on investment of millions of USD in quantifiable savings over a five-year period.