Swedbank Uses Tactical Planning To Gain Better Insight into Business

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Capgemini’s Enterprise Architecture method helps Swedbank identify goals, gain deeper insights into business processes and make informed decisions on IT.

“Our close collaboration with Capgemini has been extremely valuable. The project
team has had excellent support on technical and business levels throughout the

Christer Cragnell, CIO, Swedbank

The Situation

With 8.9 million private (and over 460,000 business) customers, Swedbank is one
of the leading banks in the Nordic region. Swedbank focused heavily on IT architecture
for many years, and realized that the technology ecosystem needed a clear link
to its business. At the same time, Swedbank Markets—in charge of company stock,
interest, and currency trade—was preparing for a major system replacement that
would affect much of the bank.

The assignment for Capgemini was to support Swedbank in its system change. The
initial step was to create an overall solution and plan how the new system support
would be designed and implemented.

The Solution

Capgemini presented a model for Swedbank based on tactical planning and utilization
of services, with a shift in focus from processes to results. The model allowed
Capgemini to create an overall description of the business and its IT support,
providing a solid basis for decision-making, plus a synchronized plan for step-by-step
implementation. The solution uses Capgemini’s Enterprise Architecture method which
it refers to as Integrated Architecture Framework (IAF).

The Result

With IAF, the project developed substantial information for procuring the new
IT system. An excellent pilot case was developed for the method, giving Swedbank
a good overall perspective on its entire banking activities so that it could proceed
with assurance. The project also dramatically reduced the risks inherent in large
system changes.