Defining a Road Map for the Future

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Raiffeisen International collaborated with Capgemini to define an operations & IT strategy for its banking network in Central and Eastern Europe

“ The operations & IT strategy project helped us to define a clear roadmap for the future. ”Mr. Heinz Wiedner, COO, Raiffeisen International

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The Situation

Raiffeisen International established operations earlier than other banks in Hungary and Poland to secure a major role in the Central Eastern Europe (CEE) market. Since then, Raiffeisen has successfully diversified into retail banking with seven acquisitions in the last few years.

The acquisitions forced Raiffeisen to align operating procedures from multiple countries across its banking network. As a result, Raiffeisen International built a strong position in 16 different CEE markets and is one of the leading banks today.

Even in “underbanked” CEE areas, banks including Raiffeisen are facing pressures of increased competition and shrinking margins. Growth rates are still relatively high but decreasing in most countries.

Raiffeisen set ambitious performance goals for itself including both revenue increases and costs savings. Facing this situation, Raiffeisen wanted to align and optimize local operations to allow for exploitation of group synergies such as economies of scale and new technology implementations.

The Solution

Capgemini helped Raiffeisen develop a strategy for operations & IT through to 2008. In an intensive four month project, major operational areas were assessed and improvement measures defined. For the bank, it was the first time it achieved visibility into the individual country projects and unique challenges faced by each country.

Capgemini directly contributed to the master planning with inputs on feasibility, timing, costs and identification of critical success factories and interdependencies. The project team conducted a set of customer workshops with key stakeholders from 15 countries and paired the results with Capgemini CEE expertise to ensure a well aligned strategy.

A significant visioning workshop was held together with three smaller workshops to align vision, strategy and implementation at group and country levels. This impacted all aspects of the project including operating models, shared service centres, program/project management and procurement.

The Result

Capgemini and Raiffeisen International consolidated all projects and initiatives into a comprehensive master planincorporating detailed costs/benefit analysis and implementation steps. This helped focus Raiffeisen on the right initiatives, with the right resources at the right time, to target the most value and produce a realistic roadmap for the future while eliminating duplicative efforts.

In spite of significant geographic and topical complexity, Raiffeisen and Capgemini completed all deliverables within the given timeframe and budget. Flexibility and passion, from both Capgemini and Raffeisen team members, were critical success factors.

Specifically, active involvement of all key stakeholders and top-managers, coupled with efficient and effective communications, and approval processes, allowed the project to run smoothly and on schedule. As a direct result, Capgemini was later awarded a follow-on implementation project.


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